Meet our Executive Team

Sean Stowers

Chief Executive Officer

Sean has been an active contributor to the disability support sector for more than 25 years, in a variety roles primarily focused on the strategic and operational management of support delivery.

In his drive for social justice, and outcomes that support choice and control for people with disabilities, Sean aims to build on the strong, person-centred foundation upon which Spectrum is based, and ensure people with disabilities and their families have a lead role in the design and delivery of a continuum of tailored and sustainable support options.


Ray Finch

Chief Operating Officer

Ray has held an array of senior management, leadership and executive roles in the medical, insurance and corporate consulting sectors in New Zealand and internationally.

With a passion for business strategy and development, operational and financial management relationship building, Ray brings a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a track record of building relationships and growing businesses.

Since joining Spectrum, Ray has launched a number of new support options that are not funded by government, but which satisfy high levels of unmet family need.

He is committed to making a difference in the community and delivering tailored support options that meet individual needs.


Liz Reese

General Manager – Finance, Information Services and Payroll

Liz has held senior commercial finance roles with some of New Zealand’s leading corporates, including industrial gas conglomerate BOC and Woolworth’s subsidiary Progressive Enterprises.

Over the course of her career, Liz has focused on leadership and fiscal responsibility through the application of systematic, process-based approaches and strong working relationships. Liz also believes strongly in creating and influencing cultural change to build collaborative environments with a shared organisational vision.

Liz is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Directors.


Simon Dunn

General Manager – People and Culture

Simon leads a team of senior managers who are responsible for the provision of a continuum of tailored support options. The goal of this team is to meet customer and stakeholder expectations, and actively support people with disabilities to ‘live a great life’.

Simon is a long-term Spectrum employee and has worked in a number of different roles, including as a Community Support Worker, Service Coordinator and Human Resources Manager.

Simon graduated with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and later completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Business.


Irene Allen

Manager – Safety and Risk

Irene is a professional health and safety practitioner with more than 16 years’ experience in diverse, high-risk organisations.

Irene has a strong a background in leading health and safety in a proactive and practical manner, along with a wealth of experience working with health and safety and other relevant legislation.

Irene has a qualification in Social Service Administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science, along with Prince Project Management and Exemplar Global Audit certificates.

Her role is pivotal in ensuring we all understand our obligations and contributions towards a healthy and safe working environment, and getting us all home safely at the end of the day.


Justin Walsh

Manager – Communications and Marketing

Justin has more than 20 years’ experience working with brand, marketing and communications strategy in a variety of roles in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

As the father of a young man receiving disability support, Justin is dedicated to ensuring the sector aspires towards the highest standards of support, practice and professionalism, and believes strongly in empowering people to be leaders in their own lives.

Since joining Spectrum Care in 2009, Justin has brought a focus on excellence and innovation.

Justin holds an Accreditation with and is a Board Member of the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation.