We support people with…

  • Lifestyle choices
  • Opportunities to maximise personal development and community inclusion
  • Living options and homes of choice
  • Flexibility in person-directed support

We empower people through…

  • Self-determination – People are in control of their own lives
  • Person-centredness – People have supports that are individualised and use a whole-of-life approach
  • Beginning early – Families are supported to have aspirations for their loved ones and build independence
  • Easy to use supports – Support services are uncomplicated, effective and flexible
  • Ordinary lives – People are supported to live ‘everyday lives’, including homes of choice, values roles and social connections
  • Enhancing ‘Mana’ – People’s abilities and contributions are recognised and respected
  • A community focus – People are supported to connect and engage with their own communities and natural supports
  • Partnerships – Relationships between people, their families/whanau and friends are built and strengthened

We provide a personalised and flexible support continuum that includes 24-hour support for people living in residential homes throughout the Auckland and Waikato regions, respite support for people living in Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty.

We offer specialised Home support, Transitions support and Aspirations support for people in the greater Auckland region, along with a School Holiday Programme of activities for children.

Our independent living support is specifically focused on empowering people to their lives of choice – lives like any other – in the community.

We also offer a person-focused, person-directed Business Enterprises programme aimed at supporting people towards their employment goals.

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