Our ‘Aspirational Planning’ process

Aspirational Planning is about discovering a person’s gifts and working with them to find out how these gifts can contribute to living a great life. In order to do this, we need to know what’s important to each person and develop goals that reflect their values.

Really understanding the person is the most important part of Aspirational Planning.

Goal planning

‘Integrated goal planning’ includes all possible plans related to an individual’s service provision. Therefore, all goal planning is ‘person-centred’ at the least, which means putting the person at the centre of all thinking, planning and action.

Goal planning is a ‘plan for action’ that contains each person’s aspirations, broken down into long- and short-term goals, and all staff have been trained in Active Support to enable people to achieve their goals.

When working with personal goal planning, we ask three key questions of the people we support:

  1. ‘What’s important to me?’
  2. ‘What do I want to achieve to live a great life?’ and
  3. ‘Which actions should you take to support me to make this happen?’

These questions are ‘person-directed’ because they ensure that the person’s voice is the first to be heard.

A person-directed approach doesn’t stop once the plan is in place. Instead, staff work with the person to discover more about their values, abilities and aspirations.

As we all learn more, goals are updated, using a combination of person-centred and person-directed planning, to ensure they’re ‘inspirational’.

Personal goal plans

People learn and grow through formal learning, as well as by taking risks and learning from our mistakes.

We support people to be open to lifestyle opportunities, to look at the risks involved in aspirational planning, to troubleshoot and to safeguard support arrangements.

The person’s preferences for how they want to be supported are expressed throughout their ‘Personal Goal Plan’, and our support options combine informal and formal resources so people can get the most out of their entitlements and funding.

These Personal Goal Plans are completed at least once a year, but can be reviewed more often as the person achieves what he or she has set out to do or changes their mind and looks to achieve something new.

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