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Our story

There is strong, growing demand for appropriate and affordable housing for people with disabilities (particularly
across the greater Auckland region).

Historically, this need was met through state provision, via agencies such as Housing New Zealand and specialist
provision via capital grants from government to support providers. Later, this was achieved through rental subsidies
paid to registered housing providers.

Sweeping changes have occurred in recent years, which have brought about the creation of a non-governmental organisation or NGO-based ‘community housing sector’. Government funding support to approved community housing providers will include property stock transfers and construction subsidies of a value, type and volume which is yet to be fully determined.

This large-scale policy shift has also been mirrored in the disability support sector, wherein support providers are now contractually bound to divest themselves of property assets in order to focus specifically on the provision of support services.

Responding to this shift, Homes of Choice was established in 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Spectrum Care, and mandated to manage and grow our residential portfolio to provide a greater range of quality housing options for people with disabilities.

Both organisations recognise the importance appropriate, secure and sustainable housing has to the personal well-being of the people we support.

However, key challenges for the emerging community housing sector (and, therefore, for Homes of Choice) include limited availability of funds, a lack of clear and consistent policy direction, and the sector’s current lack of scale.

Despite these challenges, Homes of Choice has enabled the clear separation of housing from the provision of support services, ensuring the choices people make around the support they receive do not impact on their ability to enjoy safe, appropriate and secure housing.


Our vision

‘Great homes enabling choice, affordability and happiness for people with disabilities’

Our values

  • People centred – Putting people, their needs and their aspirations always at the centre
  • Choice – Supporting individual outcomes through choice and possibility
  • Partnership – Collaborating to achieve our vision of good lives based on choice and community connections
  • Innovation – Applying new thinking and ways of working to improve outcomes and achieve success
  • Integrity – Consistently valuing honesty and respect in all that we do, and matching our words with actions

Our principles

  • To fulfil our responsibility to protect and grow our housing portfolio
  • To strive to operate in a manner that reflects best practice, is responsive and forward-thinking
  • To listen to our clients and each other
  • To be culturally responsive

Our strategic focus

  • Being customer focused
  • Optimising our portfolio
  • Building our strategic partnerships
  • Improving our housing quality
  • Growth and development

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