Person-centred and ‘Outcomes’ focused

We’re committed to providing person-centred services.

Our ‘Outcomes’ approach stems from this commitment and asks two key questions of the people we support: ‘What do you want to achieve to have a great life?’ and ‘How can we support you to make this happen?’

We learn about Outcomes when we talk to the people we support and discover what’s important to them and why.

This information is skilfully and patiently gathered through a ‘Discovery interview’ process which, where appropriate, may also include parents/whanau, guardians, friends and support staff.

Outcomes are then broken into short- and long-term goals, and recorded in each person’s Outcomes Plan.

Progress towards achieving goals and Outcomes, and the supports we provide are regularly assessed.

Our ‘Outcomes’ Philosophy

Outcomes focus on supporting individuals and helping turn ours person-centred philosophy into reality across every service.

Our Outcomes philosophy is a major shift in thinking.

It challenges the traditional approach to supporting people and makes it essential to focus on them as individuals, their aspirations and major expectations in life, and the best way to support people to achieve these.

Outcomes are the major aspirations and goals that people have in their lives and differ from person to person.

We strive to tailor our services to recognise these different needs and support individuals to achieve their unique Outcomes.

Outcomes Brokerage

A key component of our Outcomes focus which significantly benefits the people we support is our Outcomes Broker service.

The primary focus of the Outcomes Broker role is to support the fulfilment of people’s Outcomes plans and link the people we support with the community networks and resources that help them ‘live a great life’.

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