We offer a wide array of personalised and flexible support options for people of all ages and stages in the Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Wellington regions.

This includes 24-hour residential support, a variety of flexible respite support options, and specialised Home support,Transitions support and Aspirations support. Our popular School Holiday, After-school and Weekend programmes of activities for children are available in Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington – talk to us today to find out more!

Our independent living support is specifically focused on empowering people to their lives of choice – lives like any other – in the community, and our person-focused, person-directed Business Enterprises programme aims to support people towards their employment goals.

We use an ‘Aspirational Planning’ approach to create individualised, person-centred options for each person we support, and strive to tailor a continuum of support that recognises each person’s unique and evolving needs and aspirations.

Each person’s unique support continuum is based on three key questions – the answers to which change over their lifetime:

  1. ‘What’s important to me?’
  2. ‘What do I want to achieve to live a great life?’
  3. ‘Which actions should you take to support me to make this happen?’

Call us today on 09 634 3790 to find out more about our support options.