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We provide full-time residential support to people with a disability living in the greater Auckland and Waikato regions.

This support is provided by trained Community Support Workers, who are based in the homes 24 hours a day.

Our support staff aim to provide a safe, caring, encouraging environment, wherein people actively participate in daily life, identify their interests and strengths, and achieve individual lifestyle choices and Aspirational Plans.

The primary aim is to support people to live a great life.

People are supported to engage with their communities, develop friendships and natural networks, and explore activities that will help them achieve their desired Aspirational Plans.

Adult residential support offers:

Community participation

  • People are supported to access their communities and develop natural networks in the community
  • Where possible, people are supported to participate in sporting, cultural and recreational activities
  • And are supported to access other community services and options


  • Through Spectrum’s sister company Homes of Choice, people are supported to access housing opportunities based on their individual needs and aspirations

Advocacy and networking

  • Our Advocacy team provides people with support to ensure their individual needs and aspirations are met, and rights respected

Employment/Work experience

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