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Our Advocacy support has a specific mandate to encourage and support people to speak for themselves to ensure their rights are upheld.

When a person lacks the ability to speak for themselves, our Advocacy support can speak and act on their behalf – always with their best interests in mind.

Our Advocacy support empowers people with disabilities and their families by providing information and advocacy, and being actively engaged on issues at an individual, organisational and national level.

Our Advocacy support provides people and families with:


  • Information and advice for those wishing to become Welfare Guardians or Property Managers
  • Information on disability support services
  • Information on services such as the Health and Disability Commission, the Personal Advocacy Trust and Citizens Advocacy
  • Information and advice in relation to funeral plans and trusts


  • Support for those wishing to become a volunteer
  • Updates on changes in the disability sector and the impact these may have
  • Support in relation to complaints, concerns and feedback on service provision


  • Providing people with the tools, resources and support to advocate and speak on their own behalf
  • Ensuring people’s voices are heard at a management, community and national level
  • Strengthening relationships and networks with other support providers
  • Ensuring government, communities and the law adequately provide for people with disabilities
  • Supporting and encouraging initiatives that provide a greater voice for people with disabilities
  • Ensuring there is access and understanding for those with disabilities in their local community
  • Ensuring there are opportunities for people to become all they can
  • Encouraging and supporting people to have an independent advocate and to form strong relationships

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