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Our ‘Aspirations’ service is available to people 17 years of age and older and live in the greater Auckland area.

Through a wide range of programme options, our Aspirations team supports people to develop skills in communication, advocacy, education, personal development, making and keeping friends, interpreting social situations and preparing for employment.

Cooking, fitness and personal presentation, using public transport, social interaction and skill development, arts and crafts, and sports are just some of the options offered by our Aspirations service.

Our Aspirations support provides:

  • A variety of activities and a wide range of choices
  • Skill development to support community participation
  • Coaching and teaching life skills and competencies
  • Supported employment assistance
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Pre-vocational skill development
  • A structured day away from home
  • Opportunities to build friendships
  • Increased social interactions to extend community networks

Our Aspirations centres are located in Auckland in Manukau, Kumeu and Henderson.

Employment support and work experience

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