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Orakau House provides structured respite care and support for children who:

  • Are aged under five years
  • Have a disability and/or
  • Are medically fragile and/or
  • Are technology dependent

Our infant respite support is available for families of children under five years with a disability, medical fragility or technology dependency. These support services are provided at Orakau House, near Middlemore Hospital in Auckland.

Orakau House is staffed by registered nurses and trained carers on a 24-hour basis. The facility is designed to accommodate children who have medical needs, while at the same time providing a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere.

The team at Orakau House works closely with other health professionals to ensure consistency of care and to develop home-care plans for parents and caregivers. The team also provides training and support for families to enable them to manage their child’s specific medical, nutritional or feeding needs at home.

This support is provided on a rostered basis and is aimed at families that need ‘time out’ from caring for their child, or need training and support during or following the transition from hospital to home.

Orakau house offers…

  • Individually planned respite care
  • Feeding and nutrition advice and support
  • Intermediate care for the transition from hospital to home
  • Home management of specific medical needs advice and support
  • A home environment with wheelchair access
  • Registered nurses and skilled caregivers
  • Family networking opportunities
  • 24-hour consultation and telephone support

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