Download our School Holiday Programme brochure


Our School Holiday Programme is Auckland-based and available to children and young people between 5 -16 years who’ve been assessed as eligible for disability support services.

The Programme runs for two weeks during every primary school holiday period, including Christmas, with each child allocated two-to-three days per Programme.

The Programme is run by trained staff and provides a safe, stimulating, caring and comfortable environment for the children, taking into account each child’s individual needs, and includes planned daily activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, games, sports and outings to interesting places, while also allowing time for unstructured activities and fun.

All areas are wheelchair accessible and children with profound disabilities are welcome.

All our activities are well supervised, whether indoors or out, and a quiet rest space is also provided.

Support needs such as changing and assisting with eating and toileting are attended to as a priority for children in need of support.

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