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Our recently launched ‘Living My Life’ support option provides a means for people with life-changing injuries to re-engage with their communities through social activities, hobbies, employment and more.

How does it work?

The person is at the centre of all decision-making and our role is to be a trusted partner on their journey towards realising possibilities.

We act in partnership with the person and their family, networks, local community and alongside our own strong networks to get what the person wants from their life.

Who provides support?

Our highly trained team has a depth of experience in working in a person-directed way, led by the needs and wants of those we support, and supporting the person to explore and engage in their community. Our team helps the person map their needs and decide what they want to gain from our support.

What’s involved?

The ACC Living My Life support option is composed of:

  1. ‘Facilitated Pathway Mapping’
  2. ‘Independent Facilitation’
  3. ‘Tailored Supports’
  4. ‘Coaching to Self-manage’

We use these elements to deliver:

Community participation

  • Support to map all of your interests and hobbies, to find fun and engaging activities
  • Support to access volunteer work in the community
  • Support to access sporting, cultural and recreational activities in the community


  • Support in developing work skills and identifying strengths, goals and interests
  • Support with individual employment opportunities
  • Support to access tertiary education and develop work skills

What people think:

“I really like my worker, he’s cool and explains stuff so I can understand…” – Santana

“I really like my Pathway Map, it’ll help me think about my future…” – Peter

The Living My Life support option is accessed by referral from ACC and is open to those who have existing ACC supports.

Speak to your ACC Case Manager today about how we can help!

For more information, email Spectrum Care’s Service Manager – Aspirations at or call 0272 851 981.