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Finishing school is a significant milestone for young people and their families.

Our Transition support aims to provide school-leavers with a range of post-school options and empower them to make their own choices. To do this, we work with the person to develop an Individual Transition Plan, which has a person-centred focus on the individual, their aspirations and lifetime goals.

Our Transition support aims to facilitate the uninterrupted movement of a student into the post-school option of their choice, to develop opportunities for employment and valued social roles, and to increase participation in their communities.

Our Transition support is available to students who are identified as having ‘high needs’ or ‘very high needs’ funding through the Ministry of Education’s Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS).

Access to Transition support is via a referral through the student’s school, providing that the student is in their final year.

If not ORS funded, ask about our private transitions agreements.

Transitions support offers:

Employment/Work experience

  • Support in developing work skills and identifying strengths, goals and interests
  • Support with individual employment opportunities
  • Support to access tertiary education and develop work skills


  • Support to access volunteer work in the community
  • Support to access sporting, cultural and recreational activities in the community
  • Support to access vocational programmes


  • Support to link with and access funding for housing and transport

Advocacy and networking

  • Support with all advocacy and community engagement during transition

We’re also happy to provide support in other areas as necessary, such as Welfare Guardianship, Total Mobility Cards etc.

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