Spectrum Care wins unprecedented GOLD in Business Excellence Awards

The New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation presented a prestigious Gold award to Spectrum Care at its annual awards ceremony, held on Friday 29 November 2013.

In receiving this internationally recognised accolade, Spectrum Care has become only the fifth organisation to earn Gold since the New Zealand Business Excellence awards commenced. Former Gold recipients include the Royal New Zealand Navy and Vero Insurance.

The award acknowledges Spectrum Care as being ‘truly world-class’ and places the organisation in a leadership position within the health and disability sector.

“From the moment we first encountered the world of Business Excellence, it became apparent we could never again be satisfied with ‘good enough’,” says Chris Harris, Chief Executive of Spectrum Care.

“We’ve long believed that we hold ourselves to a higher standard, to loftier ideals and a more holistic world view, due first and foremost to our person-centred Vision and Values, and our capacity to support people with disabilities to live great lives.

“We’ve also sought to move beyond the minimum standards that define the quality monitoring context of the health and disability sector, and the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence has allowed us to take this important step – refocusing on an aspirational journey which embraces excellence and best practice.

“However, validating this view against a world-class set of business criteria has exposed every aspect of our organisation and operations to incisive, critical review.

“Despite being at times daunted by this commitment to excellence, the rewards have been incalculable. Not only have we become better able to fulfil our Vision of ‘People with disabilities living great lives’, but we’ve significantly grown our workforce capacities, process capabilities, strategic vision, quality and sustainability.

“Why do we do this? Above all, Business Excellence has allowed us to express our organisational commitment to making a difference for the people we support, supporting people with disabilities to live person-centred, Outcomes-driven lives of choice – lives like any other…

“We’d like to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who’ve supported us on our Business Excellence journey.”

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