Spectrum Care had its roots in Mangere Hospital. The focus at that time was on providing for people whose intellectual disability was sufficiently severe that care at home with relatives was not a viable option.

In these instances, parents were encouraged to allow Mangere Hospital to assume responsibility for the care of the person.

Without exposure to the community, the people at Mangere Hospital generally didn’t have the opportunity to develop and learn the social skills and tools of everyday living, ie they became institutionalised.

During the late 1980s, major reforms swept through Europe, North America and Canada and, by 1990, these reforms had reached New Zealand.

Mangere Hospital was the first institution in New Zealand to convert to community living. The change was completed by 1994 and now all people supported by Spectrum Care have had at least 10 years in the community, some longer.

We now provide a personalised and flexible support continuum that includes 24-hour support for people living in residential homes throughout the Auckland and Waikato regions, respite support for people living in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and the Bay of Plenty.

We offer specialised Home supportTransitions support and Aspirations support for people in the greater Auckland region, along with a wide array of School Holiday Programmes of activities for children in the Auckland, Waikato and Wellington regions.

Our independent living support is specifically focused on empowering people to their lives of choice – lives like any other – in the community.

We also offer a person-focused, person-directed Business Enterprises programme aimed at supporting people towards their employment goals.

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