Goal setting – Module one


Person-centred and Person-directed Planning


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At Spectrum Care, we use a combination of Person-Centred Planning and Person-Directed Planning depending on the support a Person needs.

By the end of this module you will:

  1. Appreciate the difference between Person-centred and Person-directed planning

Person-centred Planning

Being person centred is about ensuring someone with a disability is at the centre of decisions which relates to their life.

A person centred process involves listening, thinking together, coaching, sharing ideas and seeking feedback. This process is ongoing to make sure each person, is supported towards their personal goals, even as they evolve and change.

Person-directed Planning

Person-directed planning assumes the person is the best authority on his or her life and that a conversation with whanau, friends and wider networks can build upon this. It puts the person in control of important decisions that affect their life.

It is a process to explore, discover and define what is important to the person now and in the future, including their hopes and dreams, and how and by whom they want to be supported.

It is helpful to think of them as on a continuum, with planning done with no input or thought of the individual person at one end and Person-Directed Planning at the other. Person-Centred Planning would sit close to Person-Directed Planning as per the picture:

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