Robert achieves fantastic Outcomes goals

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August 22, 2016
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August 29, 2016

Robert achieves fantastic Outcomes goals

Robert is a happy young man after achieving a significant ‘Outcomes’ goal.

It’s a common theme and ‘rite of passage’ for most Kiwi kids to have the opportunity to engage with their peers away from home and go to CAMP!

Finally, at 22 years of age, Robert’s now had the opportunity (with the support of staff) to attend not one but two camps – most recently going with his friends from Agape Day Programme to Chosen Valley Camp in Drury for four days and three nights!

For the first time in his life, he shot a bow and arrow. He also tackled the Rope Maze with determination and a willingness to try.

Robert went down a giant water slide into a very cold lake, with the cheers of his friends in the background, and he shot a slingshot and drove a go-kart!

He was so brave! He even used the balance beam, took part in the team-building exercises and showed off his independent living skills he learnt, helping with wiping the tables after meals in the dining hall. He sat for hours making puppets and paper animals during craft time.

A highlight of the week was toasting marshmallows around the camp fire and singing songs to the sounds of the guitar. He also got up and performed the haka in front of everyone!

His confidence went through the roof and, by watching his peers, it was noticeable he was learning new skills every day.

His relationships and friendships improved, his enthusiasm was huge and his willingness to try everything was an inspiration to all.

Robert’s looking forward to the next opportunity to go to camp and was so exhausted afterwards from trying all the activities, he was quite happy to be going home on the fourth day.

It was lovely to watch Robert’s friendships blossom and his confidence booming. From observing his peers in a camp environment, Robert has come away a changed man.

Well done Robert and big thanks to Agape for the opportunity and to Chosen Valley Christian Camp for the wonderful facilities.