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Reaching more people and families – supporting those in need
April 10, 2018
Amy’s new outlook on life in Wellington!
June 12, 2018

We’ve recently launched a range of new support options in the Wellington region, including assisted living and our new ‘Maranga’ vocational support – the launch for which took place on Friday 9 March.
We’re very happy to report that we’ve already reached more than 80 per cent capacity and have also received a number of requests for assisted living options in the region.
Aimed at supporting people’s skill acquisition, independence and social connection, ‘Maranga – One Collective Space’ was named by the people accessing the vocational service and means ‘to rise up; get up; arise’.

‘One Collective Space’ was chosen by the group to represent the intention to engage and share the space with the wider community.
Collaboration with families in the design of these supports is a key goal for Spectrum’s Chief Executive Sean Stowers.
“Our presence in the Wellington region is focused on the opportunity for a partnership-based approach in providing valuable new support options to people with disabilities and their families,” said Mr Stowers.
Talk to us today on 0508 NAVIG8 to find out more or visit www.spectrumcare.org.nz