Visual schedules provide choice and control

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September 6, 2016
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September 12, 2016

Visual schedules provide choice and control

Inhonour of the Speech and Language Therapy Awareness Week (hosted by the New Zealand Speech-language Therapists’ Association) and the ‘#GivingVoice_Aotearoa’ campaign (, here is a story about ‘giving voice’ through the use of visual schedules:

Since April, Spectrum’s Communication Team has been supporting Steven to reduce his anxiety and frustration through the use of visual schedules throughout the day.

The staff have done an excellent job of involving Steven in planning his day and working together to use the visuals consistently!

“We’re seeing the difference that the visual strip has had with Steven. He uses his visual strip to communicate when he chooses to finish an activity, rather than becoming physical and acting out his frustrations. This has helped Steven and his support staff to better communicate with each other.” – Vaosila Mataia (House Leader)

“We’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in Steven’s anxiety with the consistent use of a visual schedule. He’s now involved in planning his day and is able to communicate far more effectively with his support staff. The follow on effect for Steven is when he’s relaxed and has a visual cue, he’s able to communicate verbally.” – Janine Alexander (Steven’s Mother)