Our Vision:
Every person with a disability deserves a life of choice, freedom and independence
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A life of one’s own - it’s a simple human need.
For many of us, it’s a given. But for thousands of New Zealanders living with disability, it’s something that can only be achieved with support.

Our Vision

Every person with a disability deserves a life of choice, freedom and independence.


Our Purpose

To help maximise the potential of the people we support.


Our Promise

Wholehearted optimism, every day.


At Spectrum Care, ours is no ordinary job. Many of our customers are non-verbal, but they have plenty to say if you know how to listen. More than a few have substantial physical challenges to meet.

Many of the families we work with have been tested to the limits before we even meet them. Their strength, their resilience and their love for the people we are asked to support is without question, as is the respect we have for them.

What’s our work? To help identify the unique potential in every one of the people we support, then lend a hand to help them realise it. No matter how complex someone’s challenges may be, they are worthy and they are of immense value. In our books, to not see this is the true disadvantage.

A man with his support worker

Yes, this is easier said than done.
But we’re a determined lot.

Since we began our service over twenty-five years ago, we’ve had a bit of practice at jumping hurdles alongside the people and whanau we support. After all these years, our experience and commitment could now be considered well earned.

Spectrum Care is a leading provider of services for New Zealanders who live with disability, but it’s the strength of our commitment to the people we support that we’re most proud of. Size alone doesn’t realise potential in people the way passion and positivity can.

Often we’re in partnership with people and their whanau for their lifespan – we offer support, guidance and wholehearted optimism with every step. Through each stage of someone’s life, we face the challenges together and empower their capabilities. We believe there is no greater disability than the inability to see more in a human being.

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