Our youth programmes recognise that the transition to adulthood can be challenging but also full of promise. We aim to help our young people successfully navigate these years so they can fully realise their potential.

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Spectrum Care Youth Brochure DownloadGrowing up is exciting but also a bit daunting. As your needs change, so will the support and guidance you require. Let us help.  

At Spectrum Care, we flex our services to meet your young person’s changing needs as they transition through life stages, from leaving school, to looking for a job, or moving out of home.

We listen to their hopes and aspirations, enabling them to confidently take the next steps to becoming an adult.

 Together we can create a bright future. Get in touch today. Call us on 09 634 3790.


Home Support

Home Support is personalised care delivered to you in the comfort of your own home.

Our Home Support service gives whanau and caregivers an opportunity to spend time with other family members.

We support a range of educational, emotional and behavioural needs, helping to build life skills, achieve personal goals and to develop community networks and integration.

We recognise this is no ordinary role. We work hard to assign the right person to be part of your home environment; one with whom you can build a trusting, meaningful and enjoyable relationship.


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Home Support provides help with: 

  • Developing a young person’s skills, including handling money, cooking and making friends; 
  • Accessing the community, from joining clubs and teams to learning bus routes; 
  • Helping with educational goals, including assistance with homework, achieving at school or identifying and enrolling in further learning; 
  • Matching the person with a buddy who will join them in a range of activities.

We work with each family to provide services that take your young person’s needs into consideration, no matter how complex. 

Call us today on 09 634 3790 to find out more about Home Support. 


Planned Breaks for Youth

Our planned break services for youth provide stimulating, fun and well-managed home-away-from-home experiences for young people as they near adulthood.

Planned breaks provide positive opportunities for young people to enjoy relationships with people outside their immediate family circle, helping them to develop independence and to engage in a wide variety of activities.  

Our person-centred framework ensures activities are tailored to meet each individual’s capabilities, needs and goals.


Three people


Our out-of-home planned breaks offer:

  • Flexible overnight stays;
  • A safe, caring and stimulating environment;
  • Rostered support, focused on providing both a home-away-from-home for the individual and time out for the family/whanau;
  • A person-centered framework, valuing the knowledge, preferences and cultural perspectives of the family/whanau;
  • Activities tailored to each person’s preferences and goals;
  • An Activity Plan so everyone’s aware of what’s happening and when;
  • A dedicated van for outings and community events.
Planned Breaks for After-School
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The Spectrum Care After-School Support programme gives you some extra breathing space while your older child enjoys fun and stimulating activities in a safe environment.

Staffed by trained teacher aides from the Auckland Special School network, our after school programme is currently available weekdays at Sommerville Special School in Auckland.

The programme offers a healthy and structured environment for children to spend a fun afternoon on school grounds.

Prior to starting the programme, we meet with families to assess and understand each person’s needs and goals. We then develop a range of personalised and relevant activities including:

  • Indoor and outdoor activities;
  • Free, supervised play;
  • Arts and crafts;
  • Leisure and quiet time;
  • Sensory activities;
  • Music play.

When: From 2.30pm – 6.30pm weekdays 
Where: Sommerville Special School, Panmure, Auckland
Cost: Carer Support days can be redeemed, or a ‘fee for service’ cost based on individual support needs.

Planned Breaks for Weekends

Weekends can be just as hectic as any other day of the week. Getting the right support at the right time is all about planning ahead.

Available to all youth with disabilities, our Planned Breaks – Weekend days are staffed by trained community support workers and teacher aides from Auckland’s Special School network.

The programme offers a safe, healthy and structured environment for children to spend a fun day, giving you time to do the other things you need to. 


Youth with caregiver kneeling on grass


We meet with families and youth prior to enrolment to develop a range of personalised activities, aligned to each person’s needs and goals. 

These include: 

  • Arts and crafts;
  • Free, supervised play;
  • Sensory activities;
  • Music play.

When: 8.30am-4.30pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Where: Spectrum Care Community Hub, 310 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga.

Cost per day: Full Carer Support Day plus a supplementary fee depending on support needs.

Call us today on 09 634 3790 to find out more about Planned Breaks – Weekends. 

Youth School Holiday Programmes

Spectrum Care School Holiday Programmes provide support continuity for you and your whanau during school breaks. Full supervision is always provided, and the individual needs of each child are a top priority for our trained community support workers and teacher aides.

Our holiday programmes are available to all students and we provide a safe, stimulating, and comfortable environment for children.

The Programme includes planned daily activities including arts and crafts, cooking, age-appropriate games, sports, and outings to interesting places. We also factor in time for unstructured activities and fun, and rests!



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All areas are wheelchair accessible and children with profound disabilities are welcome.

Basic care needs such as changing, assisting with eating and toileting are provided for children in need of additional support.

Where: Available at six sites across the greater Auckland, as well as Whangarei, Hamilton and Wellington.

Cost: Carer Support days can be redeemed, or a ‘fee for service’  will be determined based on your child’s support needs.

Call us today on 09 634 3790 to find out more about our School Holiday Programmes

Transition Support – school to work

Finishing school is a significant and exciting milestone for every young person and their family. Our Transition Support provides school leavers with a range of options to empower their future choices. 

From employment opportunities to valued social roles and increased participation in their communities, we work with each person to develop an individual Transition Plan based on their aspirations and life goals.



Girl sitting in front of mirror


Transition Support offers:

Employment/Work experience 

  • Support developing work skills – identifying interests, goals and strengths
  • Identifying employment opportunities
  • Support to access further education and develop work skills


  • Access to volunteer work in the community
  • Sporting, cultural and recreational activities in the community
  • Access to vocational programmes


  • Links to funding for housing and transport

Advocacy and networking 

  • Support with all advocacy and community engagement during transition

Transition Support requires a referral from the student’s school (in their final year).

The Ministry of Education’s ‘Ongoing Resourcing Scheme’ (ORS) funding is available to students identified as having ‘high’ needs or ‘very high’ needs. If you’re not ORS funded, please ask about our private transitions agreements.

We’re also happy to provide support in other areas as necessary, including Welfare Guardianship and Total Mobility Cards.

For more information, contact the Manager – Transition support on 09 634 3790. 


Aspirations Support

We recognise that every person has unique goals and aspirations. Our aim is to help you realise these. We support people to develop life skills that will enable them to truly participate in their community and to have more enjoyable and fulfilling lives. 

Our Aspirations services support a choice of development options for people with disabilities aged between 17 and 65, delivered at our vocational centres and/or with community partners.

Aspirations services support community and centre-based activities, including recreational pursuits, specific learning and development such as social skills, community engagement and progression towards work or volunteering opportunities.

We work with each individual to establish their target goals and desired outcomes and strive to constantly evolve our services and schedules to keep them relevant.

Aspirations Services are available to people who live in the greater Auckland and Wellington areas. In Auckland, our newly opened centre is in Onehunga Mall. Our Wellington centre is on Cuba St in the CBD.


Young male


The Aspirations Service is available to people who live in residential facilities, or in family or community-based environments. Our team can provide you with all the relevant information regarding enrolment and funding.

If you have Transition Provider supporting you to leave school, they can contact us for you. 

For more information, please contact the Community Development Service Manager on 09 634 3790.

Advocacy Support

At Spectrum Care, we believe every person with a disability deserves a life of choice, freedom and independence. We know not every person can represent themselves as ably as they need to access the best services and outcomes. We can help.

Our advocates work alongside people with a wide range of communication competencies to ensure their voices are heard, their best interests addressed and their rights upheld.

We provide a range of advocacy services and we are actively engaged with relevant groups and polic makers regionally and nationally.

People who can access this service include, current Spectrum Care clients, their families and friends, anyone considering advocacy or volunteering in the sector, and Spectrum Care staff.


Person on a swing


We can provide individuals and families with: 

  • Information, advice and appropriate forms for those wishing to apply to be welfare guardians or property managers;
  • Information around other disability providers and services;
  • Information on Spectrum Care Trust services;
  • Regular updates on welfare guardianship, Trusts and the Code of Rights, as well as changes in the disability sector and their impact;
  • Information about external advocacy services such as the Health and Disability Commission, the Personal Advocacy Trust and Citizens Advocacy;
  • Receipt of complaints that impact on our service users;
  • A channel for complaints, concerns and feedback on service provision;
  • Regular regional consumer group meetings;
  • Meetings with families;
  • Advocate and volunteering information and support;
  • Information around funeral plans and Trusts.

Additional resources

Code of Rights

  • When you use a health or disability service in New Zealand, you have the protection of a Code of Rights. To find out about your Code of Rights click here

Welfare Guardianship 

  • Welfare Guardianship involves a person being appointed by the courts to help with decisions around the care and welfare of an individual who is unable to make decisions for themselves. To find out more about Welfare Guardianship click here

To speak to an advocate, contact our Advocacy Service co-ordinator on 09 634 3790 ext 312.

Cultural Support

Hello. Kia ora. Talofa. Bula. Malo lei lei. Nhao

Our Community and Cultural Support team provides advisory services to people of all cultures and ethnicities, with specialist teams supporting the needs of our Māori, Pacific Island and Asian communities. 

We provide person-centred, culturally-appropriate support with an integrated approach that focuses on the needs of the individual.


Cultural fair


The Community and Cultural team provide: 

  • Assistance to access the support from government agencies, such as Work and Income or Housing New Zealand; 
  • Links to other disability support agencies;
  • Assistance to promote cultural understanding; 
  • Support to enable people to become actively involved and included in their cultures and communities; 
  • Support to plan and review how Spectrum Care meets cultural needs.


Meaning ‘to support and guide’, Spectrum’s ‘Awhi’ group has been delivering support to Māori for nearly 20 years. 

The Awhi group is involved in all aspects of Spectrum’s support provision. It also facilitates staff inductions, powhiri, house blessings, tangi (bereavements), rights and advocacy, and other cultural initiatives. 

Pacific Peoples 

Spectrum Care’s Pacifika group provides high-quality, culturally appropriate support and advisory services to people from the Pacific Islands.

The Pacifika group provides an array of cultural activities and events for the people we support, including facilitating at events such as blessings and bereavements. 

Asian services 

For more than 10 years, Spectrum has provided support and advisory services to people of Asian descent. 

Led by Spectrum’s Cultural Advisor – Asian Services, our specialist cultural team also utilises a network of long- term community partnerships with organisations such as TANI (The Asian Network Inc), CNSST (Chinese New Settlers Services Trust), NZCYT (New Zealand Chinese Youth Trust) and the Disability Connect Chinese Families Autism Support Group. 

To access our Community and Cultural Services a referral is required from Taikura Trust (phone 0800 835 4672). 

For more information, contact the Manager – Community Support Services on 09 634 3790. 


Specialist Support

We all face different challenges; together we can overcome them to create a more fulfilling life.

Spectrum Care is one of the largest providers of disability support services in New Zealand. We partner with people of all ages and stages to find new ways to deliver better life outcomes.

Our specialist support includes behavioural, speech and language, clinical and ageing services. We work with you to identify your unique and individual needs and design personalised care options to meet these.


Behaviour Support

The Behaviour Support Team align their practice with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). They coach and mentor staff teams in developing skills, and following positive approaches and behaviour guidelines. There is a focus on providing skill-building support for individuals, and working towards meaningful goals.

The team provide specialised training for staff teams and support with debriefing when required. They also advise teams on referrals to alternate support networks outside of Spectrum, such as Explore.

Their goal is to support staff teams to continually improve the quality of life for the people we support while reducing restrictive practices.

Speech-Language Support

Our Speech and Language team works with individuals and their support group to assess speech, language and feeding/dysphagia needs. In consultation, we develop and implement strategies to help manage these needs and achieve target outcomes. We monitor and regularly review the impact and ongoing success of these strategies and identify and work towards achieving meaningful communication goals.

We help parents/caregivers to develop the skills required to effectively manage speech, language and feeding/dysphagia difficulties, and create external professional support networks.


Clinical, Health and Ageing  

Our Comprehensive Health Assessment Programme is used to assess the health and medication needs of service users identified as needing specialist support. Based on the outcomes, we develop and implement strategies to help achieve meaningful health improvement and medication management, and regularly review the impact and ongoing success of these strategies. We help parents / caregivers to develop the skills they need to confidently undertake these practices at home.

In pursuit of better health outcomes for the people we support, we partner with DHBs and tertiary institutions to ensure our thinking, methodologies and practices are current and high impact.