Our Strategic Plan 2018-2023
The approach we take to our strategic planning is to try to understand what the people and whānau we support will see in Spectrum Care in the year 2030.
This is our window on the future:

Welcome to Spectrum Care in 2030

We genuinely make a difference in people’s lives and love doing so. We’re diverse and inclusive, and we’re all committed to maximising the potential of the people we support.

We stand for equity and believe that every person with a disability deserves a life of choice, freedom and independence.
You’ll see all people prosper here, especially Māori and Pasifika disabled people and whānau.

You’ll be impressed by our cultural responsiveness, with te ao Māori and Pasifika approaches and partnerships driving change and creating better outcomes for all.

Voice and choice of people and whānau is embedded in our DNA. We take a personalised approach, so that everyone we support has an equal opportunity to live a good life, to have a safe place to live, money in their pocket, to have a sense of purpose and belonging, and to be connected to their communities.

You’ll know that we lead with intent to drive social change, and we’re all for positive disruption to maximise our impact – especially when it comes to breaking down the barriers disabled people and their whānau face in having choice and control in their lives.

Because we’re committed to a culture of excellence, our staff know that all our decisions are legitimate, validated and have the voice of disabled people and whānau at the centre.

Because we invest in our people, when you talk to our people, you’ll notice that every single one of us is here to make a difference.

When you hear the name ‘Spectrum Care’, you’ll know that we do the right thing, we listen completely, we’re kind and we bounce back when facing barriers or adversity.

When you come through our front door, in person or virtually, you’ll feel how we live by our promise of wholehearted optimism every day.

With that ‘future perspective’ in place, we set about creating a roadmap which would get us there – starting with the next three years:

How we’ll get there – our strategic intent 2023-26…