Hi guys!

I am Max Fitzgibbon who lives at Meliora house in Avondale.

I am glad to introduce myself and what I have been doing.

I still go to school, called Arohanui in Henderson doing many activities including my favourite stuff like art.

I am verbal and can understand simple instruction.

I am really good at art and am happiest when I am left to my own devices with plain papers and colouring pencils and black pens.

For last few months, I was encouraged to paint not only colouring paper but some shaped stuff like the letters which make my name (You can see what I have made and hung on my room door on the photo) and some Russian dolls sets that are all 5 different sizes. They are quite cute but it was a bit challenging for me to paint the smallest one as being so small. After finishing all of the people gave me a lot of praise regarding my painting skill and very similar colour match for all of 5.

Max art 2 Max art 3

Before Christmas, all of us in Meliora had decided to decorate the house with our own creative decoration stuff this year. I was happy to be involved with the mission then I used coloured pompoms to fill the letter “JOY”.

Max art 4

It was a really happy moment for me to do all those activities I have done since moving to Meliora.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention about my sea shells. I had a nice beach time one day of January this year collecting some seashells. I got excited so much as they looked so different with my magic touch!

Max art 5

I am looking forward to doing more fun stuff with my talent and skill this year, 2021.

Thanks for reading my story!!