Spectrum Care exists to help identify the potential in every one of the people we serve, then set out to help them realise it. We believe that human potential is in everyone. Some people just need more support to realise it.

The Outcomes Fund is for people who live in a Spectrum Care Residential service, or for people who want to move from a residential service to live in other supported living arrangements.

The Outcomes Fund is also for people who have big medical costs, are actively seeking employment, or wish to start a small business.

People can apply for up to $2000 to help with living independently and up to $500 for medical, employment or business set-up requirements. Funding like this helps develop self-determination and puts disabled people in control of their lives.

Recently we caught up with three people – all in the same flat – that have been able to start their very own businesses thanks to the Outcomes Fund.

Trinity makes and sells candles. The Outcomes Fund enable Trinity to buy all the supplies, but also to pay for lessons on how to make candles. The costs associated with selling at the local markets was also covered by the fund. He is now selling regularly at local markets and is making a profit to allow him to reinvest in his business. He also helping others to learn the craft as well.

Trinity Art

Tracey produces and sells soap, beautiful soap of many colours and fragrances. Lavender is a popular seller and Tracey has also been able to make a profit from the original materials and ingredients that she was able to purchase due to the funding she received.

Tracey Art

Ashley creates and sells acrylic art. As a member of the Estuary Art Centre, Ashley was recently invited to exhibit some of his art in their Student Showcase. He submitted three pieces of work and was really happy that they were all chosen to be exhibited. This showcase ran for two weeks and Ashley also had a stall selling his artwork at the Long Bay and Takapuna Markets.

Ash Art

If you or a loved one lives in Spectrum Care Residential Services and want some more information on the Outcomes Fund please email Sue Robertson.