School Holiday Programme – CASS-Smallfield


Bookings can only be accepted following an assessment. Email SchoolHolidayProgramme@spectrumcare.org.nz if you'd like to access these programmes.

Saturday 8th July and Saturday 15th July only

From: $117.40 inc. GST

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Spectrum Care’s School Holiday Programme is managed by trained staff to provide a safe, stimulating, caring and comfortable environment for the children, taking into account each child’s individual needs.

The Programme includes planned daily activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, age-appropriate games, sports and outings to interesting places, while also allowing time for unstructured activities and fun.

All activities are well supervised, whether indoors or out, and a quiet ‘rest space’ is also provided.

Basic care needs such as changing, and assisting with eating and toileting will all be attended to as a priority for children in need of support.