On Monday we welcomed a group of new staff members, including those from the former Hamilton Laura Ferguson Trust in Hamilton. A small group of new staff made the journey up from the Waikato region to be welcomed to the Spectrum Care team.

Laura Ferguson Trust and Spectrum Care worked together to ensure a smooth transition for everyone concerned. From July 1st, Spectrum Care begun providing services for people and whanau that were part of Laura Ferguson Trust and today’s powhiri was one more part of this change in service provider.

We are happy to report that we are finding a way together to continue providing support to people during the transition of service provider. Bringing staff together from all parts of the country helps further strengthen our commitment to the people we support – that’s what makes people here at Spectrum Care proud of what they do.

Spectrum Care exists to help maximise the potential of the people we support, so ensuring our staff are well looked after and feel part of the same vision is important. Welcoming ceremonies like this one help to achieve this sense of unity and common purpose.

Before Spectrum Care assumed responsibility for the Laura Fergusson Trust sites, there were extensive collaborations with both parties, the regional Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) agencies, and Ministry of Health to ensure service continuity at the current locations. This extensive work meant that on July 1st when the change happened there was minimal disruption for the ongoing support of people and their whanau.

We’re delighted that all existing support staff from Laura Fergusson Trust are remaining with their people and whanau by becoming part of Spectrum’s workforce – and it was great to be able to welcome some of them to our Auckland office. We look forward to building upon that relationship with support, guidance, and wholehearted optimism.