Alasdair is a 73 year old man who has spent most of his life in care. When he came to Spectrum a few years ago, Alasdair had no known family or relatives.

Three years ago, his niece Annie came up and decided to get involved with him. She recently became Alasdair’s Welfare Guardian.
Alasdair needed to increase his natural support network and it is part of his Outcomes goals this year.
To achieve this, staff supported him to open a Facebook account. He then became Facebook friends with some of his relatives.

Nephew Hugh, who lives in England, became interested to know Alasdair more.
When he had the chance to be in Auckland with his wife, he made arrangements to meet Alasdair.

On Saturday 11 March, Hugh – with his wife and Annie – visited and met Alasdair at his home.
It was a memorable meeting. Hugh and his wife expressed interest to maintain contact with Alasdair.

Written by Team Cartmel