This is Alex the Great. He is one of the awesome men we support and November has been a wonderful month for him.

One of the highlights was attending Spectrum’s ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ Ball. He was so excited from the moment he knew that it was coming.

He chose his own costume – becoming a pirate for the night. When he was in the costume shop, he fitted several wigs and laughed at himself as he found himself funny.

Alex was counting down the days until he could attend the Spectrum Gala Ball.

On the day of the Ball, he was the one who showered first and put on his pirate costume, even though it was too early for him to dress up!

When he arrived at the ball, he was overwhelmed seeing different faces and beautiful costumes from fellow ball attendees.

One of his favourite parts of the evening was when the food was served. He queued up by himself and chose his own food. He even had a two platefuls of food on the night!

The music made Alex more excited and he rushed to the dance floor and moved his body until he got exhausted…

This was also the time when Alex met his old friends and found new ones…

Overall, Alex had a great time and is looking forward on the next Spectrum Gala Ball.