Below is an extract from a recent article published in the TANI newsletter. It demonstrates our belief that no matter how complex someone’s challenges may be, they are worthy and they are of immense value.

“Spectrum Care’s Asian Cultural Support Advisor, Wai Ng, was introduced to our family at the time when we were struggling to find support for our six-year-old son Jason. Jason has multiple diagnoses, including albinism, Mosaic Trisomy 18, autism, global development delay etc.

“As immigrants, we don’t have related family members and have hardly any friends here in New Zealand, and we struggled to get help due to our language barrier and cultural difference.

“Wai contacted me and spent a huge amount of time getting to know Jason and our family. He understood our needs and provided help getting through the process of communicating with the different government agencies and organisations.

“With Wai’s help, Jason now gets the support he needs and that’s really put our family life back on the right track. Wai also contacts us regularly to check on our family and tries to provide opportunities for us to join different community activities and cultural events.

“Our family really appreciate Wai’s help and kindness. He’s always there when we need him and provides us with loads of support. We feel so lucky to know Wai – thank you! Xie Xie!”