WED 25   –   FRI 27 JULY 2018

Four of our men from Kamata Lelei went for an exciting day trip to the city of ROTORUA.  In two separate occasions, the four men went for an experience of a life time.  Day 1 was Danny Mataio and Parutu Noema.  Day 2 was David Tia and Adamu Amosa.  The four enjoyed the early morning trip, the 3 hour drive towards the destination was full of awesome sights and sceneries with various hills and valleys, farms animals mostly cows and sheep and the weather was sunny yet a little bit cold.

First stop was at the Lakeside Park, walking along the trail with hot fumes from the geothermal gardens was exciting with a quick pause for photo opportunities.

A visit to the Rotorua Museum was the second stop unfortunately it was still closed to the public.  The men however were happy to wander around the historic ground and had another photograph taken  just in front of the museum.

Next stop was the 900 metre gentle and scenic ride to the Gondola where the men enjoyed the spectacular views of the lake and the cloud of smoke from the steaming geothermal vistas and the captivating view of the city of Rotorua.

After reaching the top the men roamed around the Skyline Complex and went off for the buffet lunch with varieties of sumptuous international dishes.  Dining at the top was exhilarating.  They enjoyed the food and the breath-taking views and the service was superb!

The trip to ROTORUA was indeed a great experienced.  The ride was pleasurable and the men had so much fun!

Written by:  Solomon Abadingo, House Leader at Kamata Lelei