Blair had some concerns with his weight when he first came to Spectrum. Being overweight had caused a few health issues and Blair had diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

On his three-monthly review with Blair’s doctor, Blair set a goal for himself to lose weight and improve his health. Spectrum staff started working with Blair to help achieve his goal through organising day activities.

By being active during the day, eating healthy and trying to impress the doctor, Blair started to lose weight which encouraged him even more.

Since July 2015 till now, Blair has lost 34kg!
He’s worked so hard, along with great support from staff, to lose such a lot of weight. He now participates in regular exercise and talks about how proud he is of himself and how he feels so much better.

As Blair’s sugar levels are well managed by diet and exercise now, his doctor has been able to take him off his diabetes medication – which is a huge achievement!

Due to his healthy eating and exercising, Blair has also reduced his cholesterol, which means he’s been able to reduce his medication for this too.

Congratulations Blair!

Written by: Hazra Ali – House Leader

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