To achieve his Outcomes goal of engaging in meaningful activity, Craig enrolled at Sparks Studio Arts.

It was a challenge in the beginning, as Craig wouldn’t do anything at the Centre without the assistance of his staff.

But, with the appropriate support strategies by staff and the people running the Centre, Craig slowly showed his eagerness to participate in the activities.

It gives him a fantastic opportunity to express himself and interact with others. It also gives him a sense of independence, as it’s an activity he does without any staff by his side.

Craig’s art lesson has become very successful!

One of his print works, ‘House and pylon’, was chosen as part of Spark Energy Uptake Exhibit at Mairangi Arts Centre.
‘House and pylon’ portrays Craig’s aspirations in life.

His art indeed is an expression of his inner thoughts and ideas, but – more importantly – it gives him a sense of fulfilment.

Well done Craig!