Heather and Jeremy became friends first and the romance blossomed as time went by…

They’ve known each other for more than 15 years and were neighbours in the same street. One day, Heather asked Jeremy out on a date and he agreed. From then on, she’s always called him “…her spunky man” and said she wanted to marry him.

Heather found a flat and asked Jeremy to move in with her as her boyfriend. When asked if he wanted to live with her or go back to his former residential home, Jeremy said “No” – he wanted to be with Heather.

Heather proposed a year later and Jeremy didn’t hesitate in saying “Yes!”.

They were married on the Saturday of Waitangi weekend this year, which was significant to them both because Heather is part-Maori and the day celebrates people’s rights and choices.

After not seeing Jeremy for 20 years, his brother Phil reconnected last year and was Jeremy’s Best Man on his big day, which was amazing and very emotional – it meant the world to Phil.

Heather grew up with her Aunty Sheryl, prior to coming into Spectrum, so it meant a great deal that Heather had her and her family there. Heather and Jeremy celebrated their nuptials with all the friends they’ve made over the past 15 years. This included old flatmates they knew well and lived with for many years, and former staff who’ve stayed in touch.

Heather’s bridesmaid was a good friend she meet at the local Communicare CMA, which she’s attended for the past three years. It’s easy to see how much they love each other when they’re together, and when they’re apart they’ll tell you they miss and worry about each other.

They both enjoy socialising, meals out and shopping, and they love music and live bands, and spending time together with family and friends. Their future plans are to look into owning their own home and Heather would really like an office job.

Congratulations Heather and Jeremy on your six-month anniversary!