The married couple Heather and Jeremy planned and went for a special holiday this April!
It was their first holiday together as a married couple. They have been planning this special trip for months and, finally, the exciting holiday was here.

Heather and Jeremy related to staff what they wanted to do and actively took part in the planning process.
The trip was filled with romantic times and lots of loving words every day.

Heather took Jeremy for a nice walk along the white sandy beach, enjoy some milkshakes after the walk and had some delicious lunches together. They had a look around at the shops and had a wonderful time. They ere very satisfied with the ANZAC parade that they attended and were part of the big crowd that gathered for the parade.

Another highlight of their holiday was when the fireman came to town. Jeremy was really excited and they both were greeted by the good men, and had a photo taken

The trip ended on a high note with both of them very satisfied with the valuable time spent together.

– Written by Team Zita Mari


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