Aspirations team recently organised an IT Workshop – “Meet the Tech Guy- Part 1” – at 310 Onehunga Mall in association with Net point NZ. The workshop was a result of an expression of interest by our people to learn more about I.T. hardware and gaining some hands-on experience in this area. Net point NZ is one of the top-rated IT solutions centres in Auckland has been training and mentoring budding IT aspirants and has been featured in this year’s Yellow pages NZ magazine (Franklin Zone) for the amazing work they have been doing.

We approached Net point NZ to know if they were willing to help us take this further and proposed a series of workshops for our people aiming towards introducing our people to the basics of IT hardware and providing them with some hands-on experience. When proposed, their tech team was more than happy to share their skills and knowledge and even expressed interest in providing volunteering opportunities at their service centre to interested candidates. In fact, one of the people we work with has been taken in as a volunteer/trainee and is scheduled to join them this month, to gain some on-site experience working alongside professionals and clients.

The Aspirations team and 310 staff decided to pick interested students from 310 itself. Although it was the end of the year, yet the team decided to make it happen in 2020. We also designed a PowerPoint presentation with some visuals and explanations about computer parts in order to assist the presenter from the IT Company.

It was an interactive session with lots of questions and answers and fun activities that included pulling out and putting back stuff into computers and laptops. By the end of the session, the presenter was really impressed and motivated by the efforts and teamwork we had put forth to make it happen within such short notice and the participating candidates were really happy and were looking forward to the next session.

With this successful session, we look forward to similar workshops and work experience opportunities for our people in this New Year.