Ross and Dale got up early and prepared for their trip to Fiji.

They went to the airport and got settled on the plane. The staff were friendly and provided them with everything.
The staff from the resort were also very friendly and greeted everyone with a smile. Ross and Dale quickly got settled in and relaxed in their nice ‘bure’.

During their stay, Ross and Dale went to Lautoka town and explored the local market. They bought fish and lobster, and were able to give them to the restaurant to cook for their dinner!

They also booked a cruise to explore the different islands, visited Sigatoka town and took photos along the Coral Coast.
They really enjoyed sightseeing on Beachcomber Island and even got to see turtle feeding!

Towards the end of their trip, Ross and Dale went to a native Fijian show and the staff band serenaded them. Everyone was happy to spend some time with them.

It really was a trip of a lifetime.

Written by: Jonathan Esteba (CSW)

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