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Spectrum Care is an independent charitable trust that provides services for children, young people and adults with disabilities and their families.

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At Spectrum Care, we see the sunflower as representing the people who use our services and show this relationship by incorporating the hand-drawn sunflower into our logo.

Turning its head to track the sun across the sky, the sunflower stands tall and proud, facing the light, with its shadow falling behind it.

Sunflowers can reach great heights (the plant can grow to a height of more than six feet), but they may require support to be their best and achieve their full potential. Similarly, Spectrum Care endeavours to provide the appropriate support to assist people using our services to reach their full potential.

Within this context, a partially opened sunflower symbolises an individual’s latent potential, while a fully opened flower represents our Vision of a great life, well lived.

A fully 'person-centred’ approach (embodied by our Outcomes philosophy) involves a shared vision of fostering and building on the strengths and potential of each individual we support.

The full bloom is achieved when staff, family members and the broader community work together to achieve the outcomes and plans defined by the person with a disability.

The multiple life stages of a sunflower can be seen as a metaphor for the progression of individuals we support, and also reflect the ongoing evolution of Spectrum Care, our staff and the services we provide.

The flowers’ developmental progression also symbolises the fundamental transition in disability care over the past three decades – from institutional care, to group residential support and, most recently, to fully integrated community living.

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