Supporting Someone to Vote in the 2023 General Election

On Saturday 14 October there will be a General Election.

At the election, you’ll get to vote for the parties and candidates you want to represent you in Parliament. All adult New Zealanders have the right to vote, but some people may need more support to do this. Watch the below video to see how you can support someone to take part in the election.


FAQs About Supporting Someone to Vote

Below are some answers to common questions CSWs may have about supporting someone to vote.


The people I support don’t want to vote. What’s my role?

It’s their choice whether to vote or not, but it is your job to make sure they have the information they need to make that decision for themselves. You need to be sure they understand:

  • They have a right to vote
  • What voting is
  • Why it is important

You can do this by talking with them, sharing videos or Easy Read information, and going to local forums and presentations. You can ask for help to get information in a way that they understand.

If you have genuinely done your best to help them understand their right and responsibility to vote, you have done your job.


I don’t know if the people I support want to vote- how do I find out for sure?

First, you can ask people if they understand what voting means.

At its most basic, voting means that you have a say in who makes big decisions in our country about what rules to make, and what to spend money on. So, when you vote for someone, you are saying “I think you will make decisions that I am most likely to agree with”.

  • Tell people that they have a right to vote, if they want to.
  • Let them know that you can support them to find out more information if they’re not sure how it works.
  • Give people plenty of time – don’t wait until the week of the election to ask!


Am I allowed to ask who they vote for?

There is probably no reason to ask someone who they are voting for. As as a support worker, you could be asking, ‘Do you want to vote?’ ‘Have you decided who to vote for?’ ‘What help do you need?’


Other Resources

Here are some resources that may help you support someone to vote.


Comics from Acting 2 Advocate


Easy Read documents explaining:


NZ Government and Electoral System

What is MMP?

MMP is the voting system we use in New Zealand. It stands for ‘Mixed Member Proportional’. We use MMP to choose who represents us in Parliament.


Voting in New Zealand Explained



Choosing who to vote for


Choosing who to vote for is a big decision. There are many resources that might help you as you’re thinking about your choice.


Party and candidate websites

Parties and candidates contesting the election typically have websites where you can find out more about their policies.

You can find contact information for all registered political parties in New Zealand on the Party Register.

Party Register 


Talking to friends and whānau

If you’re not sure who to vote for, it might help to talk to your friends or whānau about your choice. Talk about what’s important to you and to your community, and what sort of person or party you’d like to have represent you in Parliament.

There are some online tools which may help inform your decision. These tools aren’t run or endorsed by the Electoral Commission nor Spectrum Care/Foundation Group. They’ve been set up by other organisations who want to make it easier for New Zealanders to make their choice.



Compare policies, candidates and parties to help you decide who to vote for this election. logo

For more detailed information on policies, visit the Party websites.

The Voting Process

An Easy Read Guide to Voting


How to vote