In recognition of our collaborative and complementary interests, Spectrum Care and Autism NZ have signed a Memorandum of Understanding focused on smoothing the journey for people living with autism.

“Spectrum Care and Autism New Zealand have recognised that both our organisations are focused on the successful delivery of a range of important support options to people living with autism, and the types of services that we deliver complement and balance each other,” said Spectrum’s Chief Executive Sean Stowers.

“This MoU is a small but significant step towards increasing our collaboration and cooperation, towards our shared goal of supporting better life outcomes for people with disabilities.”

Dane Dougan, Chief Executive of Autism NZ, also reflected this sentiment. “We’re committed to empowering people living with autism and see collaborative relationships like this as being a powerful way forward in achieving this vision,” said Mr Dougan.

“Our guiding principle is ‘Working together to smooth the journey for people living with autism’, and our two organisations have outlined a number of key areas in which we can apply this principle to create better outcomes for the people we support.”

These focus areas include:
• Working together to increase access to flexible support options such as planned breaks
• Working together to expand educational services and resources
• Working together to develop a wider range of employment opportunities for people living with autism

Regular updates will be provided as the relationship and its collaborative endeavours evolve.

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Spectrum Care is an independent charitable trust that provides support for children, young people and adults with disabilities and their families, and the recipient of two international Business Excellence awards.

Autism New Zealand provides support, training, advocacy, resources and information on autism spectrum disorders including Asperger’s Syndrome. Autism New Zealand’s membership includes children, young adults and adults on the autism spectrum, their family/whanau, caregivers and support professionals.