A strong family focus will be key to Spectrum’s expansion into the Wellington region while ensuring continuity of service for these much-needed support options.

Our Chief Executive, Sean Stowers, is pleased to announce that Spectrum has completed its due diligence processes and can now confirm our commitment to providing planned break services in Porirua and Hutt Valley.

“Our expansion into the Wellington region – which we aim to complete by the end of July – is a positive outcome for those receiving planned break support and their families, as it ensures continuity for these much-needed support options,” said Mr Stowers.

“Our commitment is to engaging with families and bringing a strong focus on ‘co-creation’ and sustainability of the supports we can offer,” he continued.

“We’re confident that our partnership-based approach will provide a range of valuable new support options to people with disabilities and their families across the region, and will complement our enduring commitment to our existing services across the upper North Island.”

This view was supported by Spectrum’s General Manager of Business Development and Marketing, Ray Finch.

“We’ve been providing high-quality planned break support across the upper North Island for many years and see this as one of our core competencies,” said Mr Finch. “We also see continuity of support as being of primary importance to the achievement of our Vision and we’re working closely with families to ensure a smooth transition.”

“As well as this, we want to bring a strong ‘sustainability’ focus to these support options and ensure they fulfil the unmet need across the region, both now and into the future. ‘Planned breaks’ such as these are an absolute necessity for people with disabilities and their families, and supporting greater access is a key focus for the months and years ahead.”