Three amazing ladies from Niue Island, Teresa, Sialeogo and Sataahi, recently returned to their homeland for a 10 day cultural experience. The ladies were able to reconnect with some of their families in their respective villages of Hakupu and Alofi, attending church services, as well as a complete island tour, attending the annual Constitution Celebrations and the Mutalau Village Show Day.

Families of the three ladies in Niue were emotional and in awe of seeing their relatives after over 45 years.  The twin sisters left the island at the age of 10, and Teresas relatives had also not seen her for many years. Supported by the Spectrum Care Niue Cultural group and Service Coordinator Anne-Marie Erick, families and friends of the group visited often with gifts of food, drinks and well-wishes including expressing their appreciation for supporting the three ladies to lead great lives, especially enabling them to return to visit their homeland Niue. The ladies happily enjoyed the warm company of family and friends and all the local delicacies including coconuts, papaya, watermelons, coconut crab, taro and fish.